PPS has organized bike shipment from Chicago to Rotterdam and return for all Team USA participants.  While we're unable to provide shipment for fully assembled bikes, we have a simple process.

Price per bike case (up to 100lbs)

  • $600.00 (round-trip)

  • $300.00 (to Rotterdam)

  • $400.00 (from Rotterdam)


Above prices are based:

  • From Chicago to Rotterdam.  

  • maximum 100 lbs per case

  • Rate is subject to change without notice

  • Additional charge from your home city to Chicago will apply

PPS will gather all (who want to ship) the bikes in Chicago.  And ship them to Rotterdam to arrive by September 12, 2017 and prepare to have them shipped on September 18. 

PPS will also organize ground shipment from your city to our collection point in Chicago and back to you.  

Click here to complete and submit the shipment reservation form.

Look forward to seeing you all at someplace in the world

Deepak Patel


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